Putin Demands United Kingdom Implement Brexit And Respect Democracy

Press Conference of Vladimir Putin at BRICS summit, 2015Kremlin.ru / CC-BY-4.0 / President of the Russian Federation

“She must enact the will of the people...otherwise it is not a referendum at all." -Vladimir Putin

At his year-end press conference in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin criticized UK Prime Minister Theresa May for her handling of the Brexit decision, according to the BBC.

“She must enact the will of the people, expressed during the referendum," he said. "Or otherwise it is not a referendum at all: doing it over and over again if someone did not like it [the result]. Is it a democracy?"

Putin also spoke on Russian relations with the UK and described that it was in the interest of both nations to improve the relationship. He also criticized doubt and questioning surrounding the Brexit decision and election of Donald Trump as disrespectful to voters and democracy as a whole.

”These are strange times. Today I watched the leader of an increasingly authoritarian Russia lecturing the West on the true meaning of democracy.” -Steven Rosenberg, BBC News

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