Pulitzer-Winning Journalist: Trump Has Created A ‘Mafia State’

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These “are the good times — compared to what's coming next.”

Pulitzer winner Chris Hedges warned during a recent interview with Salon’s Chauncey DeVega that “we’re heading for a steep decline” and said the United States has become a "mafia state" under President Donald Trump.

  • Hedges “is also concerned that America is spiraling down into the type of ethno-political violence he personally witnessed in Yugoslavia during that country’s civil war in the 1990s,” the report stated.
  • “It’s a mafia state. There’s no control. There’s no regulation. The system is full of legalized bribery. The electoral process is corrupt as well,” explained Hedges. “The United States is a failed democracy and a mafia state, the natural result of what happens when capitalism is deregulated.”
  • He also stated that “compared to what is coming,” the United States is still experiencing “good times.” The “elites are not responding rationally to the coronavirus pandemic, the economic devastation and the myriad of other problems facing the United States right now.”
  • DeVega wrote that the journalist also sees “little hope in Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, which he believes have no substantive solutions for the social inequality and other institutional problems that spawned Donald Trump and his white neofascist movement.”
  • But “Hedges also sees hope for saving the United States from imminent tyranny,” DeVegas wrote. “Where? In the George Floyd protests and the possibility of revolutionary change.”
  • “I’m more optimistic because I see the resistance in the streets, which wasn’t there a few weeks and months ago. That’s where hope lies. It lies in the streets. And I have got to acknowledge these people. They’re mostly young, incredibly courageous, they are out there braving economic misery, arrests, indiscriminate, brutal and often lethal police violence and COVID-19, and they’re fighting against injustice and the elites anyway. They’re all heroes in my book,” Hedges said.

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