Psychiatrist Warns That Trump Is in A ‘Psychotic-Like’ State


Dr. Lance Dodes said there is "something fundamentally different about [President Trump] from normal people."

President Donald Trump’s recent declarations of grandiosity, including referring to himself as “the chosen one” and endorsing the notion that he is like the “second coming of God,” are evidence of his “psychotic-like state.”

This is according to former assistant psychiatry professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Lance Dodes, Newsweek reported on Thursday.

Dodes’ assessment came after Trump called himself “the chosen one,” as he turned heaven-ward, on Wednesday and also tweeted a quote from conservative conspiracy theorist Wayne Allen Root, which likened his presidency to the “second coming of God.” Trump added, “Wow!” to the end of the tweet.

During an appearance on MSNBC, Dodes said Trump has "a fundamental need to be all-powerful and all loved and can't stand challenges."

He added: "He can't stand anything that disagrees with him, and the more you challenge him, the more unhinged he becomes, the more paranoid, and the more violent, potentially.”

"He doesn't really love anyone except himself. That's not a slur, that's a psychological fact. People like him are about him. If he's not useful to him, he stops loving him. That's part of the essential emptiness of Donald Trump. He doesn't have real relationships with people."

"There's something fundamentally different about him from normal people. It's a psychotic-like state. The more you press him, the more you see how disorganized and empty he is. The more he flies into a disorganized rage,” Dodes said.

"He thinks of himself as a dictator, and it's all him and no one else really matters.”

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