Psychiatrist: Trump Is “Predator” Who “Would Be In Prison” Were He Not Born Rich

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Donald Trump shares similar traits with dictators and crime bosses, says Dr. Lance Dodes.

America is being led through the coronavirus crisis by a man who exhibits predatory and sociopathic behaviors, according to a retired assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Lance Dodes told Salon’s Chauncey Devega in an April interview that President Donald Trump, had he not been born into a wealthy family, likely would be in prison, owing to his malignant personality traits.

“People with Donald Trump's very severe personality disorder are rare, which is good for civilization but helps explain why most people cannot understand his behavior,” said Dodes, who is now a training and supervising analyst emeritus at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. “Sociopaths can be camouflaged by being successful in certain areas precisely because they get to the top by lying, cheating, bullying and manipulating, stepping on people who are in their way.”

People with similar personality types include dictators and crime bosses, he added, and most such individuals end up with criminal records.

“Donald Trump has committed multiple civil crimes that we know of. If he had not been born into money, it is likely that he would be in prison,” Dodes predicted.

But Trump was born into money and is now the President of the United States, haphazardly steering the country through a pandemic with only his self-interest in mind.

What can Americans expect from the Commander in Chief as the crisis wears on?

“No matter what happens with the coronavirus, Donald Trump is going to claim victory,” Dodes said. “He will say that he did the best job possible and use the ‘big lie’ strategy to double down on this falsehood.”

And no one should expect any attempts at uniting the country when the crisis has finally passed, Dodes added — especially when it comes to the consequences of Trump’s incompetence.

“He will blame his critics for his failures with the virus. If there is a truly horrible outcome, Trump will blame the Democrats, the doctors, the governors and anyone else he can imagine while, as he has already said, taking no responsibility himself.”

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