Psychiatrist: Americans Have Grown Accustomed To Malignancy Normalcy Under Trump


Psychiatrist Brandy X. Lee discusses the "shared psychosis" that could be upon the American people.

In Psychology Today, psychiatrist Brandy X. Lee writes that Americans have become accustomed to malignancy normalcy under President Trump.

She says that there is a lack of awareness about the mental health of Trump presidency, and this points to the seriousness of the problem. Good mental health includes being aware of the issues surrounding mental health.

Lee writes: Mental health professionals often deal with patients who are losing their state of health, and one of the first things to diminish is what is called insight, or the ability to recognize that something is wrong. Instead of addressing the multiple concerns others raise about one’s emotional and cognitive state, especially in a public office, a person might, for example, deflect and deny with a statement that one is a ‘very stable genius.’”

Lee continues that because society as a whole is not particularly educated about psychology, people are unable to recognize warning signs of poor mental health. Instead, people generally attribute poor mental health to something else entirely.

She writes that “having someone in a power position who is unwell can result in a ‘shared psychosis’ that brings about widespread damage to society.”

A medical health perspective is especially pertinent “when a president is exhibiting an inability to perceive reality separately from his own thoughts, feelings, and needs; when his followers have taken on a level of dependency and symbiosis that they cannot do without each other; when enabling politicians see his mental weaknesses as an opportunity to advance corrupt policies that would never pass otherwise; and when foreign adversaries understand his pathology well enough to exploit them to their advantage.”

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