Protesters Set Up Guillotine Outside Of Jeff Bezos’ Washington DC Home

Screengrab / Drew Hernandez / Twitter


A digital flyer mentioned Chris Smalls, an Amazon employee who reportedly was fired after organizing a work stoppage.

Fox 5 reports that protestors have gathered outside a complex in Washington, D.C. where Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, reportedly lives.

  • According to a video posted to Twitter by Drew Hernandez, a couple dozen people are gathered in the street outside the complex.
  • On the sidewalk, a miniature guillotine has been set up. Next to it is a sign that reads, “Support our poor communities not our wealthy men.”
  • Fox 5 reports that in another video, a man can be heard saying at the scene, “When they become threatened, and we have no voice, the knives come out.”
  • A flyer that circulated online to promote the event mentioned Chris Smalls, an Amazon employee who organized a work stoppage related to COVID-19 safety measures at the company’s Staten Island, New York warehouse. Smalls was fired afterward for “violating social distancing guidelines,” according to Amazon.

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If a polar opposite committed such an act, the woke would scream VIOLENCE! through all the megaphones in the country.

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