Prosecutors: Lev Parnas Received $1M From A Russia Bank Account In September


Lev Parnas failed to notify federal prosecutors of a $1 million payment from a Russian bank account in September.

Federal prosecutors in New York have asked a judge to revoke bail for Lev Parnas, Rudy Giuliani’s associate, after he failed to disclose a $1 million payment from a Russian bank account, according to Yahoo News

“There is no set of conditions that will reasonably ensure his appearance and compliance with the terms of his release,” prosecutors said. 

Arguing that his bail should be revoked, prosecutors additionally said that Parnas represents an extreme risk of flight, after being accused of making false statements to pretrial services regarding his assets and income. 

Prosecutors said in their filing Wednesday night: “Parnas failed to disclose…the fact that in September 2019, he received $1 million from a bank account in Russia.”

Parnas’ original indictment claimed that he engaged in efforts to get Ukrainian officials to investigate President Donald Trump’s political rival, Joe Biden, a matter that has been emerged in the impeachment inquiry of the president. 

Yet, the $1 million payment could carry some serious weight in the investigation, as it could implicate that Russia is financing Giuliani’s ventures in Eastern Europe. 

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