Prosecutors Allege That Paul Manafort’s Ex-Son-In-Law Violated His Plea Deal


Federal prosecutors allege that Jeffrey Yohai committed acts of fraud and used illegal drugs while in prison.

In a filing on Tuesday, federal prosecutors claimed that former chairman of the Trump campaign Paul Manafort's ex-son-in-law broke his plea deal by further committing fraud and using illegal drugs behind bars, The Hill reports.

Jeffrey Yohai admitted to conspiracy to commit wire fraud in February of last year, and he allegedly committed more acts of fraud while out on bond before being sent to prison. Yohai allegedly committed home rental fraud, sold Coachella music festival passes that he didn't have, and pawned musical instruments he stole from a man renting one of his properties.

The document outlining the allegations was first reported on by Politico. It also states that Yohai tested positive to cocaine and methamphetamine while in prison and admitted to officials that he used both substances. Another filing under seal, the document states, indicates that Yohai further violated his plea agreement by committing other undisclosed crimes.

Yohai's lawyer argued that his client should be released and admitted into a drug rehabilitation facility, but the court failed to side with him.

Prosecutors in the filing wrote that part of the plea deal included not revealing certain pieces of information about Yohai that would have influenced his initial sentencing.

“If the Court were to find, however, that defendant breached his plea agreement, then the government would be free to provide all the information it possesses to the Court at sentencing,” the filing states.

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