ProPublica Creates Searchable Database Of Credibly Accused Predator Priests


ProPublica has created a single, searchable database for identifying Catholic priests credibly accused of sexual abuse.

For years, the Catholic Church has been roiled by allegations of sexual abuse, leading church officials to release the names of priests who have been credibly accused in an effort to provide some sort of transparency.

But until now, there existed no database where people could search for abusive priests by name, location or diocese, the Friendly Atheist reported last month.

ProPublica has compiled all of the available information into a single, searchable database, which currently lists more than 5,800 priests — about half of whom are still living.

The nonprofit said it “has collected the 178 lists released by U.S. dioceses and religious orders as of Jan. 20,” allowing users to search “clergy members by name, diocese or parish.”

The publicly released information, made available over the past year and a half, was “spurred by a 2018 Pennsylvania grand jury report, which named hundreds of priests as part of a statewide clergy abuse investigation.”

Some names appear more than once in the database lists, as some priests have been accused in more than one location and “dioceses have acknowledged when priests who served in their jurisdiction have been reported for abuse elsewhere,” ProPublica explained.

But full transparency has yet to be established, because “41 dioceses (serving more than 9 million people) haven’t released any public information,” the Friendly Atheist noted.

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