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Psychiatrist Dr. Justin Frank, author of "Trump on the Couch: Inside the Mind of the President," describes the president as psychotic in an interview with Salon.

  • Frank describes the president as having “binary thinking” in which he sees the world in terms of either being with him or against him, a cognitive feature typically only found in young children.
  • He questions the president’s ability to have complex thoughts, leaving him only able to react using a good-bad binary.
  • When asked why mainstream American journalists try to normalize Trump, Dr. Frank responded:

“Those people want Donald Trump to be normal because it is terrifying to have a president who is psychotic.”

  • He followed up by saying:

“The American news media wants to normalize Trump for another reason, not only because they're scared to stand up to a sadistic and disturbed and paranoid president, but because they are also guilt-ridden about trying to normalize him in the past.”

  • Dr. Frank states that the country will need to mature and grow after the Trump presidency:

“Standing up to a bully in the form of Donald Trump is very important. But we also need to recognize internally that we didn't stand up to him in the first place — and the reason we didn't stand up to him was out of fear and weakness. We must also mourn the fact that so many people were in denial about just how bad Donald Trump as president would be.”

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