Prominent GOP Pollster: Trump Campaign Is “Worst Campaign I’ve Ever Seen”

Frank Luntz.Screengrab / CNBC Television / YouTube


Frank Luntz said Trump’s campaign “staff ought to be brought up on charges of political malpractice.”

Prominent Republican pollster Frank Luntz slammed the Trump campaign and the president himself this week for focusing on Hunter Biden in the final two weeks before the November election, saying Tuesday that President Trump’s campaign is the worst he has ever seen.

  • According to The Hill, Luntz made the comments while speaking to the British strategic advising company Global Counsel.
  • The veteran pollster said Trump’s advisers have “their heads up their asses” if they think Hunter Biden is a winning issue.

“I’ve never seen a campaign more mis-calibrated than the Trump campaign. Frankly, his staff ought to be brought up on charges of political malpractice,” Luntz said.

“It is the worst campaign I’ve ever seen and I’ve been watching them since 1980. They’re on the wrong issues. They’re on the wrong message. They’ve got their heads up their assess. … Your damn job is to get your candidate to talk about things that are relevant to the people you need to reach. And if you can’t do your damn job then get out.”

  • As Election Day nears, Trump has called on Attorney General William Barr to open an investigation into unconfirmed allegations that Hunter Biden sought to arrange a meeting between his father, then the vice president, and Ukrainian gas firm Burisma Holdings.
  • Trump said Tuesday that Barr has “got to act and he’s got to act fast.”
  • Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has been running ads on the issue and holding daily briefings in an attempt to draw attention to it, The Hill noted.

The Biden campaign has said there was no meeting recorded on the former vice president’s official schedule. Other critics have suggested the story could be part of a Russian disinformation effort.

“Nobody cares about Hunter Biden … why is [Trump] spending all his time on him?” Luntz asked. “Hunter Biden does not help put food on the table. Hunter Biden does not help anyone get a job. Hunter Biden does not provide health care or solve COVID. And Donald Trump spends all of his time focused on that and nobody cares.”

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