Pro-Trump Prophet: Trump Will Release Cure For Cancer, Alzheimer's

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor.Screengrab/RWW Blog/YouTube

Pres. Trump will eliminate the corruption causing pharmaceutical companies to sit on the cures during his second term.

If President Donald Trump makes it to a second term, right-wing conspiracy theorist Mark Taylor is certain Trump will be releasing the cures for cancer and Alzheimer's disease - two long-kept secrets allegedly held by corrupt pharmaceutical companies.

According to Right Wing Watch, Taylor made the claim during an interview on “The Edge”.

Taylor told host Daniel Ott that Trump’s priority during his first term is cleaning out the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry, which already has such cures but has been keeping them secret because “big pharma doesn’t want you well, they want you sick because that is how they make their money.”

Once Trump eliminates the corruption, Taylor said, we’ll “be fixing to see cures for medical conditions begin to come forth … We’ve had cures for this stuff, Daniel, for years, for decades; for cancer, we’ve got cures out there for Alzheimer’s, all kinds of diseases out there, the cures are there.”