Pro-Trump Conspiracist: Congress Is Compromised By 'Satanic Sacrifice'

Dr. Ted Broer thinks close to 70% of Congress is beholden to the likes of pedophilia, human sacrifice, and satanism.

Rightwing conspiracist Dr. Ted Broer said in an interview recently that most of the U.S. Congress has been "compromised" by members' connections to pedophilia, human sacrifice, and other such wicked things.

“They have been compromised because of impropriety with money—with wire transfers, with money transfers, et cetera—pedophilia, human sacrifice, satanic sacrifice, adultery, alcoholism, or drug use,” Broer said. “Over 50 percent of Congress—in my opinion, probably closer to 70 percent—has been compromised or is being controlled in one way or the other. Not all of them, but a large percentage of them.”

Pointing to a motive of mind-control, he continued:

“They have, in turn, taken this military industrial complex and they have given it over to the CIA. The CIA has given it over to the Sabbatean Kabbalists … These are the Druids, these are the ones that were taught the ancient forms of worship by the fallen angels. These are the bad guys that run the planet and they, in turn, have given over their control to Lucifer to control the energy field around the planet.”