Pro-Trump Christian Extremist Calls On Trump To Hang Members Of “Antifa”

Steve Deace in his studio.Screengrab / RWW Blog / YouTube


After hearing a listener criticize the President’s lackluster Oklahoma rally, Deace turned the subject to antifa.

Right Wing Watch reports that on June 24, radio host Steve Deace said that he wants to see President Donald J. Trump “hang some antifa members.”

  • Deace’s program airs on the Blaze Radio Network and was taking calls from listeners about Trump’s June 20 rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • A listener named Matthew called in to talk about his experience. He described the rally as uninspired and badly organized.
  • Matthew “faulted Trump for appearing tired and for needlessly rambling on about being able to drink water and walk down a ramp instead of talking about how he is going to protect the Constitution,” RWW writes.

Deace replied by saying,

I want to see him take his tie off, Matthew, and hang some antifa members with it. That’s what I want to see… I want to see antifa members hanging from gallows in Trump ties. That’s what I would like to see.

  • Trump and Attorney General William Barr have blamed antifa activists and agitators for causing most of the violence related to recent civil unrest in the wake of protests against police brutality and racism.
  • Trump has previously promised to designate antifa as a terrorist organization, which would be a first for a decentralized, domestic movement.
  • However, investigations by National Public Radio and the Associated Press have yet to discover evidence of serious antifa affiliation among arrestees in Washington, D.C. and Minneapolis, two cities where some of the most visible public violence occurred at the end of May.

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