Pro-Trump “Christian activist” Linda Harvey claims that summer camps segregated by gender eventually leads to Satanism.

In a conversation with Molly Smith’s “From the Median” radio show, Ms. Harvey claimed that gender segregated camps are linked to the Christian devil since children who go to such camps likely become members of the LGBT community.

In the past, Ms. Harvey has claimed that the Christian devil is in favor of pro-LGBT sexual intimacy. Her proof? Her bible told her that.

Anal sex is demonic. There’s no other way to understand it. Using the anus as a substitute vagina is a desire from the pit of hell. The anus is not a genital, and of course, this act mocks the creation of new life. It is essentially the opposite. Only bizarre lusts prompt the use of this part of our anatomy as a substitute vagina. It’s a complete farce, typical of Satan.”

Ms. Harvey went on to link the LGBT community to Satanism. According to her, gender segregated summer camps are incubators for future members of the LGBT community. Thus her line of causation is: 1) If you attend a gender segregated summer camps, 2) then you will become a member of the LGBT community 3) and also a practicing Satanist.

Harvey warned that “any time there is any kind of same-sex environment — I do not mean same-sex homosexuality, I mean boys together doing things together, girls together — it attracts the people that would take advantage of them, and then it will be someone of the same sex, so access is what these people want.”

Harvey continued, “They want access to youth and access even to corruption. It might not be sexual, but it might just be moralcorruption of some kind, their older peers who also are corrupted already. You know, so many kids are into pornography and homosexual pornography is part of that. You know, kids are sexualized early only online, you don’t even have to have somebody involved in it. So those may be the people that your kids are in a sleepover with or at camp with, you know, is these kids who are already highly sexualized and nobody may know it, but it’ll come out in the middle of the night.

Here is a video of one of her lectures on the subject matter.