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According to local newspaper the Sun Herald, a Mississippi lawmaker was arrested for allegedly punching his wife when she didn’t take off her clothes quickly enough as he demanded sex. His wife sought help from another woman who was in the house of 58-year-old state Representative Douglas McLeod at the time of the incident, and she locked them both in a room where the lawmaker couldn’t reach them in his drunken rampage.

McLeod told the woman that if she didn’t unlock the door, he would “kill her (expletive) dog.”

The lawmaker was allegedly drunk, and his wife, who was visibly shaken and upset when officials arrived at the house, said that he “just snapped” as he sometimes does after drinking.

McLeod has not responded to requests for comment, and Sheriff Keith Harvard told reporters that the investigation is ongoing.

McLeod is married and has three children. After the incident, his wife declined to go to the hospital by ambulance, but told officials that her daughter would take her soon.

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