Pro-Kavanaugh Character Witness Discovers He Lied About Sleeping With Her


Renate Schroeder Dolphin had no idea she had been memorialized in Brett Kavanaugh's yearbook until a few days ago.

Numerous boys in Brett Kavanaugh’s senior class at Georgetown Prep referenced a girl named “Renate” in their high school yearbook, generating the impression that each had slept with her — including the Supreme Court nominee himself.

But Renate had no idea she was memorialized this way in Kavanaugh’s yearbook until sexual assault allegations roiled his nomination and sent the media scouring every public aspect of his days at Georgetown Prep.

From The Independent:

> This month, Renate Schroeder Dolphin joined 64 other women who, saying they knew Kavanaugh during their high school years, signed a letter to the leaders of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which is weighing Kavanaugh’s nomination. The letter stated that “he has behaved honourably and treated women with respect”.


> When Dolphin signed the Sept. 14 letter, she wasn’t aware of the “Renate” yearbook references on the pages of Kavanaugh and his football teammates.


> “I learned about these yearbook pages only a few days ago,” Dolphin said in a statement to The New York Times. “I don’t know what ‘Renate Alumnus’ actually means. I can’t begin to comprehend what goes through the minds of 17-year-old boys who write such things, but the insinuation is horrible, hurtful and simply untrue. I pray their daughters are never treated this way. I will have no further comment.”

Kavanaugh attorney Alexandra Walsh said in a statement that the yearbook reference to Kavanaugh as “Renate Alumni” was in regard to a date the two had and nothing more:

>Judge Kavanaugh was friends with Renate Dolphin in high school. He admired her very much then, and he admires her to this day.


> “Judge Kavanaugh and Ms. Dolphin attended one high school event together and shared a brief kiss good night following that event,” the statement continued. “They had no other such encounter. The language from Judge Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook refers to the fact that he and Ms. Dolphin attended that one high school event together and nothing else.”

However, Dolphin disputed the judge’s recollection of events, saying she never once shared a kiss — or anything more — with Kavanaugh.

> “I think Brett must have me confused with someone else, because I never kissed him,” she said through her lawyer.

In total, there were 14 references to “Renate” in the yearbook, and according to at least two of Kavanaugh’s classmates, they were not merely regarding innocent dates.

> Two of Kavanaugh’s classmates say the mentions of Renate were part of the football players’ unsubstantiated boasting about their conquests.


> “They were very disrespectful, at least verbally, with Renate,” said Sean Hagan, a Georgetown Prep student at the time, referring to Kavanaugh and his teammates. “I can’t express how disgusted I am with them, then and now.”

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