Presidential Historian: Trump Faces The Likelihood Of Being Charged With Treason


The question is whether Donald Trump's actions meet "the definition of treason in the Constitution", Jon Meacham said.

After drawing comparisons between former President Richard Nixon’s downfall and the situation facing President Donald Trump, presidential historian Jon Meacham said the latter could potentially face the question of treason.

Via The Week:

Meacham, who has written biographies on Thomas Jefferson and eulogized former President George H. W. Bush [at his funeral] brought some historical context to MSNBC's Morning Joe Tuesday morning. He described how Nixon's downfall coincided with an ongoing investigation and falling markets — much like what President Trump is seeing right now.

Meacham also noted that the economy began sliding downhill as Nixon’s end drew near and suggested that the current stock market slide could be a "barometer of what's going to happen to President Trump."

Then, Meacham brought the conversation into the present day by discussing Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election in favor of Trump. "If in fact Donald Trump knew about" these efforts, that raises the "live question" of whether these actions fit "the definition of treason in the Constitution," Meacham explained. It all makes for an "existential Constitutional crisis" in which a president could be an "agent of a foreign power," Meacham added.