Presidential Historian: Americans Fought A Revolution To Stop A King Like Trump

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William James

Presidential historian John Meacham described Trump as a king who is against the ideology of American democracy.

Presidential historian Jon Meacham accused President Donald Trump of dealing badly with coronavirus, where governors had to “tap dance” around the president and flatter him to ask for help, according to Raw Story.

Meacham described Trump as a king who is against the ideology of American democracy.

“One of the reasons we fought the American Revolution was to avoid having our fates be subject to the whims of the king,” he said. “At least in the popular imagination, that was a central force behind the creation of the republic. America was supposed to put reason at the center of the national enterprise, and I can’t imagine another situation which is more designed, better for the centrality of data and the dictates of science.”

Growing partisan divide was another issue that Meacham saw in the virus outbreak and governmental relief process.

“The fact that this sounds partisan is heartbreaking, but we’re living in a polarized pandemic,” he said. “It’s incredible. We have managed now to take everything, including a life-and-death, invisible and totally chaos-inducing disease and turn it into a red/blue issue. My heart sank last night when I was looking at the map of the outbreaks and realized how closely it seems to track the red/blue county by county map.”

Meacham urged Americans to turn away from “blind loyalty” to the president and to trust the data and medical opinion instead.

“Can we follow the data?” he asked. “Can we follow the doctors and can the doctors, to go to your point, resist that monarchal pressure to make the king happy? Seems to me that’s a central obligation of the medical professionals and of the citizens.”

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