President Pelosi? A Historian Made This Prediction In 2019

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American University professor Allan Lichtman wrote in January that we could see a President Nancy Pelosi before 2020.

Though the basis for his prediction was the Russia investigation, American University professor Allan Lichtman’s prediction that the United States could see a President Nancy Pelosi before 2020 appears to be an even greater possibility now than when Lichtman made the call in January.

Writing an op-ed for The Hill, Lichtman suggested that President Donald Trump’s potential wrongdoing related to Russia’s interference in the 2016 election would likely be known by Vice President Mike Pence — after all, the two have been working closely together well before Trump entered the White House — thereby implicating the vice president even if he were not directly involved.

The U.S. Constitution does not specify a chain of command beyond the vice president, should something occur to remove the president from his duties, but federal law set in 1947 dictates that the Speaker of the House is next in line for the Oval Office if both the president and vice president are removed.

The latest scandal to rock the Trump administration — kicked off by a whistleblower complaint from an intelligence official — appears to involve both Trump and Pence.

The president allegedly withheld military aid from Ukraine as he pressured the Ukrainian leader to investigate his potential political opponent, and evidence suggests that Pence was not only aware of the scheme but actively participated in it.

If Trump is impeached, it follows that Pence will be in trouble as well.

Next in line: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

And as Lichtman wrote earlier this year: “If Trump and Pence are swept away by conviction or resignation, then Pelosi becomes president under the law. Under the 25th Amendment, and with the consent of Congress, she can then appoint a vice president of choosing.”

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