Pope Francis Calls Trump’s Child Separation Policy ‘Cruelty Of The Highest Form’

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"It’s something a Christian cannot do. It’s cruelty of the highest form.”

In a new documentary, Pope Francis calls the Trump administration’s family separation police “cruelty of the highest form”, according to America magazine.

  • The pope says in the film, “Francesco”: “It’s cruelty, and separating kids from parents goes against natural rights. It’s something a Christian cannot do. It’s cruelty of the highest form.”
  • He also addresses Trump’s border wall project, saying: “And to build walls as if that were a defense. To defend what? Territory? The country’s economy? Or who knows what? He who builds walls becomes a prisoner of the walls he builds.”
  • Norma Pimentel, M.J., executive director of Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley in Brownsville, TX, also appears in the documentary to describe her experience of visiting children separated from their parents in a Texas detention center.
  • Sister Pimentel says: “I was in the cells of the detention facility with children all around me crying, with their faces full of tears. And I’m there crying with them … Just embracing each other and that woundedness of the children needing their mother.”
  • Ashley Feasley, the director of migration policy and public affairs at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops told America magazine: “They knew they had no way to ensure that families could be reunited and moved forward anyway. It was calculated to wreak havoc on families’ lives. And it did.”

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