Polls Show Trump Trailing Joe Biden Throughout The Rust Belt

Doug Jones for Senate Committee / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0

Trump rallies in key Midwestern states to try to reverse his slipping support in the Rust Belt.

Trump plans to travel to Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, three key Rust Belt States, to garner support for his 2020 campaign, Politico reports. These swing states show that Trump is polling behind Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

The GOP shows signs of worry:

“The Trump campaign recently completed a 17-state polling project that concluded the president trails Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, according to two people briefed on the results,” the news outlet writes.

The Republican Party fears that Midwestern states’ support for Trump will drop dramatically in the face of Trump’s trade war with China, which threatens American farmers. As Trump won each state in 2016 by a margin of less than 1%, he cannot afford to lose such key constituents.

In Wisconsin, the GOP published a 15 page report detailing steps to take for success in 2020, following the loss of the governorship in the midterm elections.

Politico notes, “former Trump White House chief of staff and ex-state GOP chairman Reince Priebus was among those who pushed for a post-midterm study to assess what went wrong for the GOP. It resulted in a scalding, 15-page autopsy concluding that the Wisconsin Republican Party had ‘drifted from its roots as a grassroots organization and became a top-down bureaucracy, disconnected from local activists, recklessly reliant on outside consultants and took for granted money that was raised to keep the party functioning properly.’”

Trump himself appears to be unfazed. Insider staff claims that Biden’s campaign is simply enjoying high polling numbers because it is in the honeymoon phase.

His supporters agree. Former Pennsylvania congressman Lou Barletta states, “If people haven’t learned anything from the last election,” said Barletta, “they’re going to get burned again,” claiming that polling underreports Trump’s popularity, just like it did in 2016.

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