For those interested in seeking adulation and acclaim, it’s easy to see why running for President might hold appeal.

For a year, two years, you get to be one of the most-talked about people in the most powerful country in the world; on the off-chance that your bid is successful, you then get to extend that attention streak for four more years.

Two polls released this week offer that downside to President Trump. New surveys from Quinnipiac University and McClatchy-Marist reveal that Trump – never terribly popular nationally – continues to be seen as dishonest, a poor leader and unstable.

What’s more, the US is embarrassed by him

Note, as will be the case throughout these results, that there’s a wide partisan split on this question. Democrats almost uniformly describe themselves as embarrassed. Republicans describe themselves as proud.

(According to the pollsters, those feelings are strong among those who describe themselves as stronger partisans, too.)

Overall, though, thanks in part to a majority of independents saying that they’re embarrassed, 58 percent of the country uses that term to describe its feelings about Trump’s first month in office.