Poll: Half Of Voters Now Support Trump’s Impeachment And Removal From Office

Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0/Flickr


Fifty percent of American voters are in favor of impeaching and removing President Donald Trump.

A new Politico/Morning Consult poll shows that support for President Donald Trump’s impeachment and removal from office has now grown to include half of American voters.

Politico reported that “50 percent of registered voters surveyed would support the Senate’s removing Trump from office, while 43 percent oppose the president’s removal.”

As expected in America’s current highly-polarized political climate, support for all measures — from the inquiry to impeachment to removal from office — broke down along party lines.

On the first step, 84 percent of Democrats, 16 percent of Republicans and 45 percent of independents support the inquiry, Politico found.

On impeaching the president, support among Democrats moved up to 88 percent from 84 percent, and down among Republicans, to 12 percent from 16 percent. Independents were split on this issue: “44 percent would support the House’s impeaching Trump, and 42 percent would oppose that.”

As for removal from office, Democrats are in favor, 88 percent to 7 percent; Republicans oppose the move, 83 percent to 12 percent; and independents are again relatively split, with 44 percent for and 43 against the move.

“President Trump’s impeachment inquiry is drawing strong — and divisive — interest from voters with an eye toward the 2020 election,” said Tyler Sinclair, vice president of Morning Consult. “For instance, roughly four in 10 voters would be more likely to vote for a senator who backs removing Trump from office, including seven in 10 Democrats. This compares with 35 percent who say they are less likely to vote for a senator who backs removal, including seven in 10 Republicans.”

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