Poll: 51% Of Americans Say They Have Faith In Democracy

Just over half of Americans have faith in democracy, whereas 37 percent say they have lost faith.

Just over half of Americans continue to have faith in democracy, according to a recent poll by Axios and Survey Monkey, and more than 1 in 3 say they have lost faith.

The survey, conducted in late October, suggests the current state of politics in the U.S. have left many Americans doubting the “very foundation of American society,” Axios noted.

While 51 percent are hanging in there and 37 percent have given up, the rest never had faith in democracy in the first place, the poll found.

> SurveyMonkey also found that half the country believes America is more divided today than ever before — and that these divisions will probably continue far into the future (ranging between 46% and 51% over the past two years).



> This survey wasconducted Oct. 19–24 among 3,913 adults. Respondents were selected from the more than 2 million people who take surveys on the SurveyMonkey platform each day. Data have been weighted for age, race, sex, education and geography using the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey to reflect the demographic composition of the United States age 18 and over.


> The modeled error estimate for the full sample of that survey is plus or minus 2 percentage points and full crosstabs are availablehere.