Poll: 22% of Americans Think a Democratic President Would “Ban the Bible”

Megan Everts

A survey from March shows that many Americans believe the radical idea that a Democratic president would ban the Bible.

According to a survey conducted in late March by Researchers Paul A. Djupe (of Denison University) and Ryan P. Burge (of Eastern Illinois University), 22 percent of Americans believe that a Democratic president is likely to ban the Bible, reported Friendly Atheist.

  • Breaking the results down by religious groups, the percentage increases, as “evangelicals and Catholics [hover] close to 30% gullibility.”
  • The belief can even be found in more moderate groups: 27 percent of those of "other faith," 18.6 percent of mainline Protestants, and 17.4 percent of Black Protestants believe this claim.

This survey also found other outlandish beliefs Americans hold regarding Democrats.

  • For example, 29 percent of Americans believed that Christians may lose their religious freedom if Democrats control the government.
  • Furthermore, 28 percent of Americans believe that a Democratic president would “force [them] to pay for abortions.”
  • Finally, 34 percent of Americans believe that a Democratic president would “take [their] guns.”

Friendly Atheist noted that it is likely the people who believe these claims are “virtually all going to vote for Trump in November,” saying it remains uncertain “whether enough sensible people will outnumber them” or if Trump will end up being reelected.

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Headline should read 22% of Americans are Stupid, Conspiracy Theory Nutjobs who have been brainwashed by the cult leader and Fox News!

That number is way too high for something so absolutely asinine.


So let me get this straight. The candidate that actually goes to church is a bigger threat to Christianity than the man that has openly talked about having broken every one of the seven deadly sins, without remorse, and only picks up a bible for a photo opportunity....seems legit...

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