Politico: Trump Campaign Conspiring With GOP Leaders To Disrupt 2020 Election

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The Trump campaign and RNC are challenging voting rules in the courts, while the president considers executive action.

After President Trump launched a full-fledged attack on voting by mail in the spring, Republicans began fighting the issue in courts in several battleground states, Politico reported, and now the president is considering executive actions to curb mail-in voting.

  • “In the weeks since, Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee have taken to the courts dozens of times as part of a $20 million effort to challenge voting rules, including filing their own lawsuits in several battleground states,” the news outlet wrote, “including Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Nevada.”
  • Trump advisers and aides are also looking into the possibility of executive actions, which Politico reported includes “everything from directing the postal service to not deliver certain ballots to stopping local officials from counting them after Election Day.”
  • The strategy appears to be giving Trump a boost among supporters, the report noted.

Trump fans, said John Fredericks, a conservative radio host who serves on the Trump campaign’s advisory committee, “think Trump is going to win legitimately, but the Democrats are trying to steal the election by manipulating mail-out ballots. They want the president to jawbone enough so there’s a level of outrage to get rid of these ballots.”

  • As Democrats are pushing to make voting by mail easier amid the pandemic and educate voters on how to cast such ballots properly, “Republicans are fighting voting rule changes in 17 states, going to court 40 times, drawing on a recently doubled legal budget of $20 million.”

At the RNC and Trump campaign, 12 staff attorneys and several dozen more outside lawyers are working on the issue across the country, according to an RNC official.

  • As for whether Trump has the authority to intervene with executive action, even some of his conservative allies say there is little he could do.

John Yoo, a senior Justice Department attorney under former President George W. Bush, agreed. Yoo has been advising the White House recently on unilateral actions Trump could take on immigration, health care and taxes. But he said it didn’t appear Trump could take significant executive action on mail-in voting.

  • Another option reportedly under consideration involves possibly trying “to stop local officials from counting remote ballots after Election Day and direct the Postal Service to not deliver certain ballots to voters using an emergency declaration.”
  • However, “Paul Steidler, who studies the Postal Service at the right-leaning Lexington Institute, said the president can’t directly order the postmaster general to do anything, noting the Postal Service chief actually reports to a board of governors.”

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