Police Returned Veteran’s Body To His Family With Organs Missing

A veteran had his organs removed after he died in police custody .

A veteran had his organs removed after he died in police custody while resolving an outstanding driving under the influence (DUI) warrant in Pennsylvania, according to CNN.

The police reported Everett Palmer’s death in a York County prison on April 7. The cause of the former soldier's death has yet to be clarified, but his family is suspicious since the 41-year-old’s body was returned without a throat, heart or brain

Palmer was reportedly on his way from Delaware to New York hours before the incident but decided to stop in Pennsylvania to resolve a (DUI) charge from 2016.

"This entire case smacks of a cover-up," said civil rights attorney Lee Merritt, who was hired by the family to investigate the case.

York County Coroner Pam Gay said the organs were used to conduct a forensic autopsy. "There were never any missing organs. The lab that does our autopsies has the organs...We made that clear to the family from the beginning," Gay added.

According to the Coroner’s office, the veteran’s death cause is still "undetermined, and details of the autopsy may be corrected as more information is discovered.

The authorities initially claimed that Palmer died after he began "hitting his head against the inside of his cell door." The veteran’s state was induced by methamphetamine consumption, according to the county’s original statements.

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