Police: Pro-Trump CT Man Threatened To Murder Democratic Volunteer

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Michael Silverstein, 61, was arrested after verbally assaulting a Democratic volunteer and threatening to kill her.

A man in Fairfield, Connecticut, was charged last month after verbally assaulting a volunteer at the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee headquarters and threatening to come back and kill her, according to The Hartford Courant.

Fairfield police arrested Michael Silverstein, 61, Friday and charged him with second degree breach of peace. Despite being asked to leave multiple times, Silverstein continued yelling at the volunteer and as she took out her phone to take a picture of him, he slapped it out of her hand, according to a police report. When he got back in his car, the volunteer managed to take a photo of his license plate. Silverstein allegedly told her, “Go ahead. I’ll come back and kill you.”

In a joint statement about the incident, Steven Sheinberg, the chairman of the Fairfield Democratic Town Committee, and Jack Testani, chairman of the Fairfield Republican Town Committee, said that town Democrats and Republicans “unequivocally denounce such behavior and call for civility in all political discourse throughout the 2020 campaign season and beyond.”

Silverstein said he became angry and “snapped” after driving by the Fairfield DTC headquarters and seeing a slew of Joe Biden campaign signs.

“I just [expletive] snapped," he said. "I screamed and I yelled and I cursed these little old ladies. You have no idea how horrific I feel. As much as I want liberals to see what we Trump supporters face on a daily basis, it was little old ladies, man. ...I called them every filthy name in the book.”

Silverstein also complained “that he cannot wear a Trump hat for fear of ‘getting punched in the face’ and that he anticipates riots across the country if Trump is reelected in November.”

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I have seen so many red hats attacking people, from refusing to tow a stranded car with a democratic sticker in -°10 snowstorm. To setting fire to Biden displays and the like. I will not put Biden stickers on my car or in front of my house because red hats WILL slash my tires, destroy my car or burn my house. THEY are the ones that prance around with military firearms and in camo gear threatening people and plotting to assassinate democrats. This idiot is one of them..i hope he ends up in prison for the rest of his miserable life for attacking that woman and threatening her

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