Police: Man Struck Black Teen With Bike Lock, Said ‘Black Lives Don’t Matter’

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office


Lee Mouat, 42, was charged with a hate crime after allegedly breaking a Black teen's jaw in a Michigan state park.

A white man in Michigan has been charged with a hate crime for allegedly shattering a Black teenager’s jaw with a bike lock, according to The Hill.

  • Lee Mouat, 42, was charged with breaking bones in the teen’s face after confronting him and his friends in a June 6 incident at a state park in Monroe County, Michigan.
  • Per the complaint, Mouat repeated yelled racial slurs at the teen, referred to as D.F., and said African Americans did not have the right to use the park’s public beach.

“N------ don’t belong on this beach,” Mouat said, according to the complaint

The teen and his friends then began yelling back at Mouat, and they began arguing. Mouat then walked to his car to grab a chain bike lock, returned to the group, and allegedly struck D.F. in the jaw. Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived within several minutes of the alleged attack.

  • The complaint also states that one witness, “who was in his/her vehicle in the parking lot of the Sterling State Park,” heard Mouat yell at the teens that “Black lives don’t matter.”
  • Mouat, who was charged with “willfully causing bodily injury to an African American teenager because of the teenager’s race,” reportedly faces a prison sentence of up to 10 years if convicted.

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