Police: Man Kept Getting Free Cats Thru Craigslist, Only To Kill Them


Kaine Louzader admitted to killing and torturing cats he found for free off Craigslist.

A man in Missouri was charged with felony animal abuse on Friday after officials say that the 20-year-old Kaine Louzader killed and mutilated cats he found through Craigslist ads. According to the Houston Chronicle, more charges are likely to come, prosecutors say.

Court documents revealed that the bodies of dead cats had been found frequently near Louzader’s residence. Police officers reached out to Louzader after a witness allegedly saw him dumping a cat carcass near his home.

Louzader told officials that he would find free cats through Craigslist ads to stomp and strangle them at his home, St. Charles County police Sgt. Jeff Ochs said. Some cats were dismembered prior to being discarded.

“Why would anybody want to do anything to a cat for? They do nothing bad,” said resident Hiram King to local news station KMOV. “Just mean, ain't no excuse for it. I'll be honest with you there's definitely no excuse for it.”

St. Charles Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar warned that individuals who torture and kill animals are also likely of being capable of much worse.

“We've had several incidents over the years people involved in violent crimes, lo and behold in their background some animal mutilation so it's a scary situation,” Lohmar said.

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