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Piers Morgan, a former friend of President Donald Trump, has called the president’s coronavirus response “shameful” and asserted that he “doesn’t deserve” to be reelected in the fall, reports Newsweek.

  • The British journalist had won The Apprentice, Trump’s previous reality TV series, in 2008 and considered himself a friend of the future president. But as time has gone by and Morgan disapproved of Trump’s decisions, the friendship became strained.
  • Trump had unfollowed Morgan on Twitter after the journalist wrote a negative column on Trump after he suggested people could inject disinfectants to cure them of COVID-19. "By far the most reckless and dangerous thing President Trump has done is use the most powerful podium on earth to air his bats*** crazy theories about how to beat the virus," Morgan wrote.
  • Morgan was also critical of Trump tweeting that states should be “liberated” from stay-at-home orders.

The Good Morning Britain host criticized Trump’s efforts to widen political fissures:

"He is rousing people to view Democrat senators as tyrannical people," he said, adding: "And they're all heavily armed with semi-automatic weapons, and if, God forbid, they lose their jobs, have no income, are angry and are persuaded by Trump that his political opponents are being tyrannical, I can see some very ugly scenes. Aided and abetted by the president. And it's shameful."

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