Petition Calls For Christopher Columbus Statue To Be Replaced With Chef Boyardee

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Artivia Tahir

A petition calls to replace a statue of Christopher Columbus with Chef Boyardee in Cleveland

A petition is circulating the web calling for the replacement of a statue of Christopher Columbus with Ettori Boiardi in Cleveland’s Little Italy, according to WLWT-5. Ettore Boiardi is more commonly known as Chef Boyardee.

  • The petition, which already has over 500 signatures, states:

"Columbus is not someone we should celebrate. He was a racist monster who initiated the genocide against indigenous Americans. If Italian-Americans in Cleveland want to celebrate one of their own, they need look no further than the iconic Ettore (Hector) Boiardi, AKA Chef Boyardee."

  • Chef Boyardee has a notable history in Cleveland, arriving in the city in 1917 to work as a chef at Hotel Winton and opening his first restaurant in the city. Cleveland was the base of operations from which his brand expanded into factory production and took off in the Midwest.
  • The petition goes on to argue: "It's time for Cleveland to tear down its statue to a genocidal sociopath with a bowl cut and erect a statue to an immigrant success story who enriched our community with his food and iconic mustache.”

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