People Send NRA “Thoughts And Prayers” As Pro-Gun Group Suffers Financially

After news that the gun rights organization could potentially go under, people tweeted plenty of "thoughts and prayers".

The National Rifle Association is getting a healthy dose of its own medicine, following reports that its dire financial situation could soon turn into an existential crisis: People are flooding the gun rights organization with “thoughts and prayers”.

From The Independent:

> Amid reports of the organisation’s financial struggles, people have been offering their “thoughts and prayers” – the common response of gun rights advocates following mass shootings. Apparently the NRA has removed free coffee and yanked water coolers at its Virginia headquarters due to cash flow issues.


> The news follows Rolling Stone’s report that claimed that the NRA believes its financial situation is so dire it may soon “be unable to exist” – bet they wish they hadn’t spent so much money donating to politicians now.

The NRA’s finances took a substantial hit after membership revenue fell by $35 million last year — evidenced by a significant reduction in campaign spending during this year’s midterms.

> Though, as you can imagine, Twitter users were not full of empathy for the gun group, sending them a flurry of faux-sympathetic tweets.

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