People Are Sawing Through And Climbing Over Trump’s Border Wall

Sarah Shaiman

US Customs and Border Patrol claim the wall is meant to be a deterrent or slow potential crossers down.

People are sawing through and climbing over President Donald Trump’s border wall, leading US Customs and Border Protection to solicit the help of the private sector to fulfil Trump’s 2016 campaign promise of an impenetrable barrier, according to the Washington Post.

  • CBP is giving federal contractors until June 12 to “suggest anti-breaching and anti-climbing measures.” They are also inviting private parties to construct walls on land they acquire and sell the entire thing to the federal government.
  • A number of smuggling crews have been able to saw through the wall with relatively inexpensive power tools. Trump has since stopped touting his wall as impenetrable, though he continues to say he will have 500 miles of barrier completed by the end of the year.
  • The Post noted that “administration officials have scaled back that goal in recent weeks.”
  • CBP insisted its request for information does not mean the current wall design is inadequate or otherwise flawed.

“Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recognizes that industry, other agencies, and other private entities may have interesting, innovative, and useful ideas that could be implemented to enhance and or improve mission essential operational deterrent capabilities related to the anti-climb/anti-cut features of the border wall and persistent impedance,” [the request] reads.

  • CBP’s request also included language geared toward private groups looking to help with building Trump’s wall.

“CBP recognizes that private entities and nongovernmental organizations also have an interest in supporting the mission of border protection, by deploying private wall solutions,” the CBP notice states. “Mainly, those parties that can arrange private financing, and private acquisition of land, may have an interest in devising a wall structure that is consistent with government specifications.”

  • The agency said in a statement, “Walls provide the U.S. Border Patrol (USBP) the ability to slow and stop potential crossings. That means building wall will deter some people from attempting to cross, while slowing the efforts of those who still try.”
  • According to sources, Trump is expected to attend a ceremony in Yuma, Arizona, next week to commemorate the 200th mile of the wall being completed.

Though the CBP has not publicly stated how often the wall is breached, The Post reported that earlier this year, 18 breaches in one month were reported in the San Diego area.

Trump has also suggested that the barrier be painted black to absorb heat and scald the hands of those who try to climb the wall. However, this would add an estimated half billion dollars to the project, and The Post noted that climbers “could simply use gloves to protect their hands.”

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