Pence Says U.S. To Advise Health Care Workers To Reuse PPE

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Artivia Tahir

Mike Pence has said that the U.S. government will be encouraging healthcare workers to reuse their PPE

Vice President Mike Pence has stated that the government will be issuing guidance recommending healthcare workers to reuse personal protective equipment (PPE), according to The Associated Press.

  • During a White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing, Pence said that PPE supplies are “very strong” but that the Trump administration would be encouraging healthcare workers to “preserve and reuse” their equipment.
  • He praised Texas, Arizona, and Florida, which have seen flattening rates of positive coronavirus results, saying that Americans should “keep doing what you’re doing.”
  • However, he did point out that states seeing an increase in cases should clamp down on gatherings.

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