Pence Promises Iowa’s Farmers That They “Will Start Winning Again” Soon

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Vice President Mike Pence reassured Iowan farmers Wednesday that they "will start winning again" under President Trump.

American farmers concerned over escalating global trade disputes should rest easy, according to Vice President Mike Pence, because President Donald Trump’s trade policies mean “our farmers will start winning again.”

From The Quad-City Times:

“I just want to assure all my friends in Iowa and all across the region, under President (Donald) Trump’s leadership, we are always going to stand with American farmers,” he said while visiting defense contractor and avionics company Rockwell Collins.

Pence told about 150 members of the Rockwell employee political action committee and company executives the Trump administration is “making significant progress on reforming NAFTA and we’re going to make it into a deal that works for American farmers and American manufacturers in the long term.”

Pence was joined Wednesday by Gov. Kim Reynolds and 1st District Rep. Rod Blum, both Republicans who are up for reelection this year.

Blum and Reynolds came in for criticism from Democrats for failing to stand up to “a Republican, D.C. administration that tosses Iowans overboard without a second thought … while Iowa families are on the verge of losing everything.”

And the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said Blum “can’t be bothered to take action (despite) the negative impact of the Republican trade war is disproportionately hurting Iowa farmers.”

Pence countered the narrative that Iowa’s farmers will be harmed by Trump’s trade policies, saying the president has “taken decisive action to lower trade barriers for American agricultural exports”.

Pence also touted the administration’s tax cuts, which he said gave Rockwell “millions of dollars to invest in its workers, its businesses” and Iowa’s future.

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There won’t be any farmers after you fucks force them out of business.