Pelosi Orders Confederate Speakers’ Portraits Removed From House On Juneteenth

Julie Zheng

In response to the killing of George Floyd by police, Pelosi ordered portraits to be removed from House on Juneteenth.

In response to the recent protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd by police, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has ordered portraits of four speakers who also served in the Confederacy to be removed from the Capitol on Juneteenth, according to The Independent

  • Pelosi’s decision is “part of Democrats' response to the recent killing of George Floyd in police custody and protests of black people dying while interacting with white police officers.”
  • The California Democrat announced a policing reform bill that is expected to pass. Pelosi also said she expects a more modest policing reform bill will be passed in the GOP-controlled Senate.
  • Democrats and Republicans would then come out with a compromise bill that President Trump would sign into law, though The Independent noted “it is unclear just what he might support.”  
  • The bill would reform several provisions that have been rejected by the White House, including “qualified immunity laws” and banning choke holds and no-knock warrants in drug cases.  

Trump’s stance on these issues is unclear. 

  • He announced a policy earlier this week stating that choke holds should be banned but also might be necessary for some situations.  
  • Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary, stated on Wednesday that Trump would not sign any bill that reforms “qualified immunity laws” because it would “not allow police officers to do their jobs.”
  • McEnany also dismissed House and Senate Democrats’ bills, saying it “undermines due process rights” for police officers.  

A compromise bill might be rejected if House and Senate Democrats insist on changing “qualified immunity laws.”

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