Paul Ryan Launches New Foundation Meant To Fight Poverty

Screengrab/American Idea Foundation/YouTube


Paul Ryan launched a new nonprofit on Monday that reportedly will focus on fighting poverty in the U.S.

Not quite a year after leaving public service, former House Speaker Paul Ryan has announced a new nonprofit that he says will focus on fighting poverty in the U.S., according to The Associated Press.

The former Republican lawmaker launched his American Idea Foundation on Monday, after shifting more than $7 million from his congressional account to the nonprofit earlier this year.

In one promotional video for the foundation, Ryan can be heard touting his “20 years focusing on public policies that can actually help create jobs and opportunities” — though he fails to mention that poverty continues despite near record unemployment numbers.

“Freedom” is the answer to poverty, the Republican says in the video: "We need to figure out how to rebuild the American Idea, and there is nothing that comes close to helping people realize their true potential than freedom."

Ryan notably celebrated the passing of massive tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy during his last months as House speaker.

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