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A few months ago, a Southern Baptist Convention Leader announced his support for President Donald Trump in the upcoming presidential election, and now a pastor in Kentucky condemned his action, saying he has lost “all moral credibility,” according to Friendly Atheist.

Reverend Albert Mohler Jr., a Baptist Convention leader, famously claimed in 2016 that conservative Christians should not vote for Trump because they could not “allow a national disgrace to become the Great Evangelical Embarrassment.”

But recently, Mohler said that he converted to being a Trump supporter because he nominated anti-abortion judges.

While Mohler made his pro-Trump remarks, Trump has been widely criticized for his inappropriate responses to the coronavirus outbreak, as he suggested disinfectant ingestion as a treatment for the virus, voiced support for protesters against state lockdown orders in Michigan, and encouraged consipiracy theories about China.

While Patheos reported that 80 percent of white evangelicals voted for Trump in 2016, Joel Andrew Bowman Sr., senior pastor at the Temple of Faith Baptist Church in Louisville, KY, published an open letter on Saturday condemning Mohler’s recent support for Trump.

“It grieves me to say you have, in my estimation, lost all moral credibility,” Bowman wrote. “Now, you simply blend in with popular, politicized evangelical thought. Rather than being an apologist for the Gospel, you have become an apologist for political conservatism.”

“There was a time I was working toward stronger involvement within the SBC, through the Cooperative Program. Due, in part, to your recent remarks, I am placing this on hold. As an African-American of evangelical theology, I lack confidence in your leadership in the area of Biblical justice,” he said.

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