Pastor Shouts “White Power” During Trump Caravan

Screengrab / The News & Observer / YouTube


Jesse Hursey also told a crowd of Trump supporters, “First of all, I’m a Christian. Second of all, I’m a Republican."

A pastor in North Carolina shouted “White power” as he drove his pickup truck in a parade of Trump supporters through the town of Elon, according to The News & Observer.

Jesse Hursey first attended a rally of Trump supporters at Ace Speedway on Saturday, where he told the crowd he is a Christian first and a Republican second:

“First of all, I’m a Christian,” Hursey said, his voice rising and falling with a preacher’s practiced cadence. “Second of all, I’m a Republican. And in that order.”

The News & Observer reported that the pastor “praised Donald J. Trump and encouraged the ‘silent majority’ of the president’s supporters to speak up” during his rally comments.

Later in the day, Hursey joined the parade through Elon, where he was caught on film shouting “White power” out the window of his pickup. The newspaper reported that the pastor was one of two drivers to yell the phrase.



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