Pastor: Roy Moore Isn’t A Molester Because Mary Was A Good Teen Mom To Jesus

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To defend Moore's repeated sexual harassment of young girls, Jackson cited Mary and Jesus.

In a recent episode of his radio segment “The Awakening,” conservative pastor E.W. Jackson came to Roy Moore’s defense in the wake of renewed attention to sexual assault allegations against the former judge, Right Wing Watch reports.

Jackson said that Moore’s attraction to underage girls is acceptable because Mary in the Bible was “a very spiritually mature woman” when God made her pregnant with Jesus, even though she was a teenager.

Jackson was in the middle of a rant about Democratic Alabama Senator Doug Jones’s criticism of his state’s new anti-abortion legislation when he began complaining that Jones only won his seat because Moore, his Republican rival, was labeled as a pedophile by Democrats.

“Jones is only a senator because of the vicious attacks against Judge Roy Moore,” Jackson fumed. Referencing an instance in which Moore was banned from a mall for preying on a 16-year-old girl while he was in his 30’s, Jackson continued, “He comes home from the military and is looking to date, is looking to get married and nothing untoward, that we’ve heard; parents fully involved.”

Becky Gray, the woman who was reportedly sexually harassed by Moore at the mall, said that she was 16 and that her parents were not present.

“These things shift and change culturally,” he continued. “Because Mary, based upon our best guesses—given the age at which young girls would marry during that time and become betrothed—Mary was probably somewhere between the age of 15 and 17 years old. Somewhere in there. But, of course, she was a very spiritually mature woman, young lady, who was used mightily by God.”

“So this man comes home and he dates girls and some of them are young—yes, some of them are young,” Jackson said. “But suddenly, they want to turn him into a pedophile.”

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2000 years ago women got married when they started menstruating. Moore is a pedophile by today’s standards.


Roy Moore's conception was anything but immaculate.

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