Pastor: I Don’t Fear COVID Because My Wife And Son Were Raised From The Dead

Screengrab / Friendly Atheist / YouTube


God will cure COVID-19 by “turning off the virus receptors in your body,” says a Christian preacher.

During an online Bible study, Christian pastor Andrew Wommack stated that the coronavirus is powerless because he has experienced other people’s resurrections, according to the Friendly Atheist.

  • He said on Tuesday that his son and wife were both raised from the dead.
  • “Once you’ve seen your son raised from the dead, nearly five hours without oxygen and there’s no brain damage. And I’ve seen my wife raised from the dead! And I’ve seen lots of miracles happen,” Wommack said.

“Once you see that, and you know that you have access to this power, then coronavirus comes see how weak that thing is,” he continued. “But when you know that you have raising from the dead power on the inside, it’s like, man, is this the best thing you could throw at me? This is no big deal.”

  • He said earlier this month that if you catch the virus, it is only because you’re not really a devout Christian.

“Many Christians believe God can heal, but then they wait until they’re infected...and then they start seeking for healing...there’s something even better than that, and that is walking in divine health...this is kind of a, I guess, a Star Trek or science fiction kind of way of saying it – but it’s like you have a force field around you and no sickness can penetrate that,” Wommack said. “I can guarantee you God has provided healing. And if we get sick, it’s not God who failed, it’s me that failed.”

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