Pastor Fears Children Won’t Remain Religious Unless They Live In Fear Of Hell


A Christian youth minister posted an essay which advocated for teaching kids to fear that they'll be tortured in hell.

The founder of “Dare 2 Share Ministries International”, Greg Stier, believes that kids are too protected these days and should be told that eternal torture awaits them in hell if they don’t accept his personal religious interpretation, according to the Friendly Atheist

Stier claims that we are in desperate need of more fire and brimstone preaching in an essay for the Christian Post. 

“ it scare tactics to yell “STOP!” at a little kid running toward a busy intersection? Is it scare tactics to warn a generation headed toward the edge of hell to “STOP!” before it’s too late?

Go online and take a look at the vast array of youth ministry curriculum made available for youth leaders to use and you’ll see all sorts of subjects. You’ll see subjects that range from building a healthy self-image to conquering anxiety to building strong friendships to strengthening our relationship with God. But you’ll see little on the subject of hell.

Talking about hell is not a scare tactic. It’s showing love at it’s [sic] most elemental form. It’s saving a generation from the wrath of God and delivering them into the loving arms of Christ, both now and forevermore!”

According to Stier, if you disagree with him, you’ll be tortured forever in hell. If you live in completely unnecessary fear, you won’t be. 

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