Pastor Defends His New Private Jet, Says It Protects Him From "Demons"

William James

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland turned defensive when he was confronted about his recent purchase of a $3 million Gulfstream V private jet from actor Tyler Perry, according to an Inside Edition interview.

“He made that airplane so cheap for me I couldn't help but buying it,” said Copeland, who told Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero the price of the plane was “none of her business”

If I flew commercial, I couldn’t do 65 percent of what I’m doing, he added.

Copeland acquired his latest plane in October, bringing his total to five. The minister said he is not the only one who benefits from the vehicles since other ministries use them as well.

The Pastor, who claims to have brought 120 million people to Christianity, said he could not accomplish 65 percent of his ministerial duties without his fleet of private planes.

In 2016, Copeland said that flying commercial is like getting in 'a long tube with demons.’ When confronted with the statement, the pastor responded that he was not referring to the people in the plane, but to an April 2017 incident in which air marshalls dragged a person from a United Plane.

The pastor, whose net worth is estimated at $760 million has been attacked for his wealth before. In 2010, he fell under fire after he backtracked on his promise to use his $6 million Texas mansion to help Haitian refugees.

'Do you think the Jewish people believe you should be broke? They believe in wealth,' Copeland said when asked about the inconsistency between religious teachings and his lavish lifestyle.

Listen to the rest of the interview here.


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