Parnas Accusations Explode, Fox News Gins Up New ‘Migrant Invasion’ Distraction

Bobby Lewis on Twitter
Bobby Lewis on Twitter

“77 minutes into the show, Fox & Friends finally mentions Lev Parnas for the first time since new documents were released two days ago, playing two very brief clips of Parnas saying Robert Hyde is a lying drunk so he can't be believed. (h/t .@existentialfish)”


Fox News uses a migrant caravan to district their viewers from Trump-damaging news, as Parnas' accusations explode.

Fox News redeployed a distraction tactic used during the 2018 midterms on Thursday in light of new developments that President Trump and other top administration officials conspired with Lev Parnas. 

In 2018, Fox News reported on a caravan of people traveling from Central America toward the U.S.’s southern border. The caravan received heavy coverage on Fox & Friends, where they portrayed it as “an invasion” that Democrats were largely ignoring. 

According to Vox, the caravan was mentioned 19 times the Friday before midterms, 10 times on Monday, and nine times on Tuesday. However, after midterms were over, Fox & Friends mentioned the caravan just once in passing. 

Trump and Fox News portrayed the caravan to be a national security threat, but deprioritized coverage of it immediately after midterm elections ended, suggesting that the network uses migrant caravans as a way of distracting their audience from damaging information about the Trump administration. 

Now, following Lev Parnas’ document dump which revealed that Trump and Rudy Giuliani were spying on former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, as well as information leaked by Parnas in an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Fox News has created another “migrant invasion.”

Rather than keep their audience informed, Fox & Friends failed to mention Parnas until 77 minutes into the show, using a new migrant caravan from Central America to inspire fear among their viewers.

The first time Fox & Friends mentions Parnas, they played two very brief clips of Parnas saying Robert Hyde is a lying drunk so he cannot be believed, which, if framed the right way, sounds much less intimidating than an incoming invasion.


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