Owner Of Japanese Oil Tanker Contradicts Mike Pompeo On Gulf Of Oman Attack

Screengrab/DW News/YouTube

The Trump administration has said Iranian mines caused damage on the tankers, but the owners disagree.

The owner of the Japanese oil tankers that were attacked yesterday refuted claims by the Trump administration that Iranian mines were the cause of the damage, according to the Independent.

The two Japanese tankers, one operated by Norwegians, were attacked near the Strait of Hormuz near Iran. One tanker was left on fire and had to be evacuated as the US Navy stepped in to assist.

One ships operator, Tutaka Katada, has claimed amidst a flurry of confusion that “flying objects” that may have been bullets damaged the vessel. The US has been reporting that it was Iranian mines that destroyed the tanker. Katada said that the damage was done above the waterline so it could not have been mines.

While Iran has denied any involvement in the issue, the Trump administration has emphatically called out Iran for the attacks. In the midst of the unknown, word is still out on who caused the attacks and how they were carried out. The incident has caused waves in the oil industry and financial markets.

In May, the US claimed that Iran was behind similar attacks on tankers near Saudi Arabia.

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