Organizer Of Trump Boat Parades To Be Charged With Felony, His Lawyer Says

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Carlos Gavidia reportedly will be charged with written threats to kill or do bodily injury, which is a felony.

According to The Palm Beach Post, the lawyer of “Carlos Gavidia, who earned national attention for his "Trumptilla" boat parades,” expects his client to be “charged with sending a threatening text, a felony, to a resident of his former Jupiter country club community after they clashed over politics.”

  • The attorney, Stuart Kaplan, said Gavidia was slated to surrender himself at the Palm Beach County Jail on Tuesday morning.
  • The Post noted that the “criminal charge would come just days after Gavidia attended President Trump’s Republican National Convention speech on the White House lawn Thursday night.”
  • Gavidia’s own boat, a 42-foot Yamaha Invincible boat he renamed “Trump,” was the centerpiece of his boat parades, according to the report.
  • His “Linkedin page says he's a committee member of the Trump Victory Finance political action committee, a major fund-raising arm for the president’s re-election.”
  • The report also mentioned that the Trump campaign has used Gavidia’s boat as a fundraising tool, sending out an email on Sunday asking for contributions in exchange for a replica of flags flown by the vessels. The email to potential donors said, “Trump boat parade supporters are some of the President’s fiercest defenders.”

In a lengthy interview Monday with The Palm Beach Post, Gavidia said that he and his family were victims of constant harassment in Jupiter’s exclusive Admirals Cove. He said he was just defending himself in the text message in question after days of harassment from one person.

“Sometimes I regret even wrapping the boat and starting this nationwide movement because I got a target on my back,” Gavidia said. “Everybody wants to make Trump look bad. Unfortunately, I took a stand and I even took a bigger stand when I got ridiculed.”

  • Gavidia’s attorney said after speaking with police, he expected his client would be charged with written threats to kill or do bodily injury, a felony that a sentence of up to 15 years in prison, the Post noted.
  • According to Gavidia, the charges stem from a text he sent to a former friend who became angry over his public support for Trump. “At dinner at the Admirals Cove country club last week, Gavidia said, the resident continued his harassment of him and his wife, Laura, in the restaurant,” the Post reported.
  • After his wife became upset and the couple left, Gavidia said he sent an angry text to the former friend.

“I’m like, ‘you are (expletive) with the wrong guy. How dare you (expletive) flip me off and start harassing me and my wife at dinner. I’m coming after you. I’m going to ruin your life,” Gavidia said.

“He is trying to take it like I said I was going to kill him. I was going to post and expose him for the racist that he is and the political taunting he is doing to me.”

  • Gavidia has said the pending charges are “bogus.”
  • The report also noted that this is not the first time Gavidia has faced criminal charges:

He served six months of a 20-month sentence for trafficking in marijuana in Virginia in the late 1990s. He called the event a youthful mistake in which he served only as a go-between.

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