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An organization linked to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife is working to undermine the election, according to The New Republic.

  • Project Veritas, a right-wing conspiratorial group founded by James O’Keefe,has been producing Fox News-friendly “stings” intended to expose liberal bias and corruption.
  • In the last year, Project Veritas has focused on stings designed to undermine the integrity of mail-in ballot counts, in an operation called “Diamond Dog.”
  • The purpose of “Diamond Dog,” as a source close to the organization explicitly put it, is “literally to get Trump reelected.”
  • The New Republic conceded that the group “is hardly likely to tip the election in Donald Trump’s favor all by itself” but added that Project Veritas “is at the vanguard of a larger underhanded approach that Republicans, starting at the very top, are taking to the 2020 cycle.”

O’Keefe has been the instigator of a number of stunts in the past. Despite his tenuous history and criminal record, O’Keefe was presented with a right wing group’s “Impact Award” by Justice Thomas’ wife, Ginni Thomas, during a 2017 ceremony held at Trump’s DC hotel, according to The Hill.

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