Opinion: ‘How Trump Could Lose the Election—And Still Remain President’

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“It is clear Trump will do anything to avoid the moniker he hates more than any other: ‘loser.’”

According to the Newsweek opinion written by Timothy E. Wirth and Tom Rogers, President Trump has “begun to lay the groundwork for the step-by-step process by which he holds on to the presidency after he has clearly lost the election.”

  • “It is increasingly looking as if Joe Biden can beat President Donald Trump in November,” the opinion piece said. “For Trump, there are two broad pathways to maintaining power. First, we can already see very clearly a strategy designed to suppress voter turnout.”

“The second pathway to subverting the election is even more ominous —but we must be cognizant of it because Trump is already laying the groundwork for how he can lose the popular vote, and even lose in the key swing states necessary for an Electoral College victory, but still remain president,” Wirth and Rogers wrote.

  • Trump “actually tweeted on June 22, ‘Rigged 2020 election: millions of mail-in ballots will be printed by foreign countries, and others. It will be the scandal of our times!’ With this, Trump has begun to lay the groundwork for the step-by-step process by which he holds on to the presidency after he has clearly lost the election.”
  • The process includes twelve steps, which involve Biden winning by a relatively small margin in swing states; Trump declaring the election rigged and executing emergency powers after insisting China interfered; running out the clock so swing states’ electors are not counted in the vote, and thereby throwing the election to the House of Representatives, pursuant to the Constitution.
  • “We cannot let ourselves believe that this is a far-fetched scenario,” the article continued. Therefore, “we must ‘out’ this scenario —and do so loudly and consistently. We have an imperative to build a ‘people's firewall’ that reaches deeply across the country and reflects public revulsion at the potential for Trump to undermine our entire democratic system of governance.”

“Donald Trump will pay any price, make any deal, bend any rule, to assure his own survival and success,” Fareed Zakaria said in summing up the lessons of former national security adviser John Bolton’s new book.

“There needs to be an outpouring at all levels of society that this will not be tolerated,” the opinion piece concluded.

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How does throwing it to the House help trump?

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Currently, there are 26 states that have a majority Republican House delegation. 23 states have a majority Democratic delegation. There is one state, Pennsylvania, that has an evenly split delegation. Even if the Democrats were to pick up seats in Pennsylvania and hold all their 2018 House gains, the Republicans would have a 26 to 24 delegation majority.

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